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Our Origin
44° North has built our reputation (for over 20 years) one project and one client at a time utilizing our varied talents and expertise. Many of our customers have been with us for many years, coming back to us each time they have a new project. We have a wide range of skills, and we leverage those skills for each individual customer. In this ever changing market place, 44° works to keep pace with new marketing tactics and trends. We take the time to listen to you; we integrate your ideas, look at the big picture, and in partnership with you, set a course, for your business.

What's in our suitcase
At 44° North, we invite you to change your business by changing your latitude. Join us on a journey of strategic and integrative marketing, brand management, innovative advertising, savvy PR, and timely and cutting edge web-based solutions. Individually each is powerful, collectively they are unbeatable.

For many of our clients, 44º North is their marketing department. For others, we are their resource partners. We help navigate the marketing waters by delivering a full spectrum of services including brand identity and logo design, print and web campaigns, strategic planning, product launch, event promotion and much more… on time and on budget.

Start your journey today by changing latitudes!

Meet our crew
44° North is located in a beautifully renovated and historic building in downtown Oshkosh. The space is stylish and a little funky, inviting creative thinking within its walls. While you will see multiple staff members hard at work on any given day, what you won’t see is a receptionist. We all answer the phones, (real voices!) and we all, including an occasional canine crew member, greet clients, vendors, and visitors.