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Good Design is Good Business

We have all seen this—we meet someone at a networking or social event that has just started a new business. You get into a conversation about it, and it seems like this person has a great business idea and/or product; it's the real deal. You're impressed with them and have some pretty positive vibes going. Then he hands you his business card, and it's as if the bottom dropped out of your world. His card is obviously homemade—as evidenced by the telltale perforation edges on three sides and the flimsy paper it is printed on. His "logo" looks like it was done by a first-year art student and you aren't really sure how the graphic relates to his business. You find a way to excuse yourself from the conversation and throw his card in the garbage as you walk out the door.

What just happened here? Everything was going well, until your new great business connection handed you his not-so-professional business card. All the respect and interest you had for his business just fizzled when you realized he wasn't really serious about it. His business card told you that. He didn't care enough about his business to make the investment of good design for his logo and business card that would properly and professionally represent his company.

This happens all the time because businesses don't realize the value associated with the impression of their printed materials. Graphic design is a form of art so to get the best results you should employ a professional who will use their skills and experience in typography, print and the use of color to create an effective logo, website, marketing collateral or advertising campaign. Well-designed pieces make an organization look more professional, successful, and appealing and can often build trust in the solidity of the company. Innovative design will help differentiate your company from the competition.

Think about what happens when you receive a well-designed marketing piece from a company you know and like. It immediately attracts your attention. It clearly communicates a distinct message and has the ability to prompt you to respond to its' call to action. Ultimately, people seek well-designed products and services because they have the ability to catch the customers' eye. Good Graphic Design can benefit your business in many ways:

  • Increases sales of your products or services
  • Improves market position relative to your competitors
  • Builds greater customer loyalty
  • Builds greater staff loyalty
  • Establishes a stronger identity for your business
  • Reduces the time needed to market new products and services
  • With the vast and constant amount of information surrounding us every minute of our day, it is crucial to have a well-designed logo and marketing pieces that will help you stand out from your competitors.