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4 Resolutions For 2014 To Grow Your Business

With 2014 upon us, why not look for some resolutions to put towards growing your businesses. With any New Year resolution you always need to have a plan of action and tools that will help you get there. Here are some things you need to put into action to start your year off right...

  • A good brand means good business. This isn't a secret for many businesses. Whether is creating your new logo, or maybe taking some time to refresh it a little, your brand needs to be evaluated first. Does it reflect the current status of your business? It is not uncommon to see refreshed brand among even well know and well-established brands. If you're unsure about your brand, ask a second opinion from a professional as well as peers, customers, and vendors. If the feedback is that a new brand is in order, make that a priority in 2014.

  • Since we are no longer in the stone-age, websites are a necessity! Yodle just released a survey about small businesses and currently 52% of SMB do not have a website. Even if you already have a website associated with your business maybe it's time to reach out to and hire a company to help you make sure you are not simply posting an online brochure. Put your website to work in 2014!

  • Social Media is rapidly growing as an important way to distribute your message. According to Yodle by 2016, 88% of local advertising will be sent to a mobile device. You may already be familiar with Facebook and twitter but today it is not about just having a Facebook page for your business. There is such a thing as "Facebook back then" and "Facebook right now". Social Media platforms continue to evolve and offer new options for businesses to promote their brand or a specific offer. Consider this; on average a person will spend 127 minutes in mobile applications a day, such as email, Facebook, and twitter. Your information needs to be too the point, and eye catching. Determine whether or not you may have the time to create a strategy yourself, and follow through, or if hiring outside expert help makes sense, but do embrace a social media strategy in 2014.

  • Mine your database of customers for returning business. Many businesses underutilize their existing database of customers and yet, it is commonly understood that the customer you currently have, is much less costly to keep and grow, as opposed to gaining a new customer. Yodle's survey says 33% of SMB owners worry about keeping their current customers. The customers that have been with you from the very beginning or the customers that are willing to start up with your business they need to remain happy. In 2014, use your database of current and prospective customers routinely to reach out and "touch" them whether it is through digital marketing, face-to-face contact, or direct mail marketing. Making these solid resolutions for your business can set you on a path to increased success in 2014