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In 1988 a conversation between two friends would be the inspiration for a new business. Both had the passion and desire to start a business that would assist local companies with marketing and management challenges by applying day-to-day common business sense. Creative Management and Marketing Resources (CMMR) worked with many companies in the Fox Valley and the business grew. Clients could visit the office and expect to find great thinking, great creative ideas, and great coffee all in one place. The journey continued and the business grew.

In 2000, Diane Penzenstadler became the sole owner of CMMR. The small to medium sized business clients benefited from the addition of graphic design services and the company became positioned to work with large companies. The journey continued and the business grew.

In 2006, CMMR saw the need for businesses to enlist the help of an event planner for their trade shows, sales meetings, open houses, retirement parties, grand openings, company parties, etc. Event planning was added to the offerings. The journey continued, and the business grew.

As the company added staff and moved away from management consulting and more into the marketing and graphic design realm it became clear the name of the company no longer fit. After a memorable, fun and work-filled company retreat that included creative juice fueled by wine and chocolate, a new identity for the company emerged…
44° North Advertising & Design. The journey continued, and the business grew.

For those who are geographically challenged, 44° North is the latitude of Oshkosh, Wisconsin and home of 44° North Advertising & Design. (For those who are geographically sophisticated and must know, the exact location of Oshkosh, it is 44° 3’ North, 88° 32’ West.)

Today, 44° North Advertising & Design is a medium sized advertising agency and design firm, providing a full spectrum of marketing services to businesses ranging in size from
small retailers who need ongoing promotional work to large manufacturers with frequent project work, and many more in between.


It’s really simple. We treat people with respect and consideration whether they are our clients, our vendors, or our team members here in the office. We are transparent in our relationships, establishing a foundation of trust.


It may sound like a no-brainer, but, as stated above, our vendors are part of our team and it’s important to have them working as hard as we do for our clients. We treat them with respect and consideration so we can ask them to pull hard when we need to!


Some ad agencies will only work with businesses if they commit to that agency for all their marketing for a year or longer. We don’t believe in handcuffing our clients. We will ask you to sign a written agreement for your projects, but we never require that you only work with us. We also understand the challenges of small businesses and are willing to work out payment plans for work they just couldn’t afford to do in one lump sum. We get it because we’ve been there.


We get as excited about your marketing as you do and want success for each and every customer who walks through our doors. We come to know you, and your goals, and partner with you to make them happen.


It may be a buzzword and tossed about as lip service by many people, but to us, teamwork is real and practiced every day. And, our team is made up of people not just in our office. It also includes you of course, your team, and the select group of vendors we have built relationships with.


We aren’t going to tell you something just because it is what you want to hear. If we don’t agree, or think you are taking the wrong approach, we’ll tell you—nicely of course.
Sometimes our company isn’t a good fit for the work you want done or if a project isn’t suited to us, we can probably recommend someone who is.